Understanding who you are, what you do, what you have, how large you want to grow is the first critical step.


We then independently qualify what you have, what its worth, who would buy it, why and under what conditions a purchase is made - and ultimately what does a deal look like.

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We get it done.  Based on our assessment of your market opportunity we engage your market with skills and capability sharpened by the most brutal sales programmes globally.  


Driven by a passion for winning we work dilligently within your market to sell, in a highly consultative manner, your solutions in the context of your potential clients problem. 



Doing the deal is the first step in taking responsibility for your clients problem.  Being able to resolve that problem in a consistent, high quality manner - through lifecycle - requires a sustainable corporate finance model and an Executive team focussed and built to win long term.  We take this view from contract to close and have capital solutions that allow your business to win and deliver with a platform for continued growth.

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Sales Merc Pty Ltd is a growth solutions firm.  Specializing in Sales Mercenaries, Mergers and Acquisitions and Dealmaker services.